Galya Morrell is a polar explorer and environmental artist, who has lived and traveled in the Arctic for over 30 years. She and her husband, Greenlandic explorer and actor Ole Jorgen Hammeken, divide their time between New York City, Greenland and Siberia.
swimmier in icy water, clutching an ice floe

Canada to Greenland Swim Falls Short

Last week, TV personality Justin Fornal couldn't boat through...
Cox and female Soviet greeter

35 Years Ago Today: Lynne Cox’s World-Changing Swim Across the Bering Strait

Thirty-five years ago, during the Cold War, American endurance...

Behind Those Viral Polar Bear Images: Photographer Dmitry Kokh Tells How He Took Them

In the last week, haunting images of polar bears...

Great Explorers: Suersaq, aka Hans Hendrik

Hans Henrik was an unusual polar explorer. He went...

The Inside Story of Barneo, the Floating Ice Camp Near the North Pole

The North Pole season, based out of the floating...

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