Rebecca McPhee

Rebecca McPhee

Title: Freelance Writer
Location: Northampton, UK
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  • Topics of Expertise: Swimming, rowing, open water sports, marine wildlife, adventure travel
  • Years in This Expertise: 5+

Education & Certifications

  • Education: BSc Marine Biology, Newcastle University / MSc International Marine Environmental Consultancy, Newcastle University / Diploma: Freelance Journalism, British College of Journalism / PGCE and QTS Secondary Science Education, Northampton Teacher Training Partnership
  • Years of Writing: 3
  • Certifications: MMO, PAM, PADI Rescue Diver

A Word from Rebecca McPhee

  • Why Author Chose This Career: Being a freelance writer for ExplorersWeb allows me to combine my love of ocean sports, science, and writing.
  • How Author Began Career: Whilst working for a publishing company I realized I wanted to write rather than edit. Doing this in a freelance capacity allows me to teach at the same time
  • Personal Interests: Open Water Swimming, Diving, Hiking, Rowing, Marine Conservation, Travel
a blind cave salamander on the surface

Blind, Cave-Dwelling Salamanders Sneak to the Surface

Blind cave salamanders in Italy have shocked scientists by...
five middle-aged women cyclists

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An artist’s impression of Khinjaria acuta

Atlantic Ocean Used to Teem With Giant Predators

Scientists have discovered a sea monster that once roamed...
A hypothetical visualisation of TOI-270d created by NASA

Webb Telescope Finds Planet Covered in Boiling Water

Astronomers think they have discovered a planet covered in...
Day 77 (7/3/24)- Loch Cluanie Munros.

Anna Wells Completes the Winter Munros

Today, Anna Wells became the first woman, and fourth-ever...
Thwaites ice cliff

Is It Curtains For the World’s Largest Glacier? What About Curtains Around It, Instead?

For some years now, scientists have warned climate change...
the grey whale surfacing in the Atlantic Ocean

Grey Whale Spotted in Atlantic Ocean

Orla O’Brien and research partner Kate Laemmle were looking...
The classic bow shot.

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Star Dunes

Star Dune Mystery Solved

The largest dunes on Earth, star dunes reach hundreds...
The tiniest vertebrate in the world.

The Smallest Vertebrate in the World Lives in Brazil

A tiny frog only discovered in 2011 is the...
Tridentinosaurus antiquus.

280-Million-Year-Old Fossil is a Forgery

In 1931, researchers discovered an incredible reptile fossil in...
The two male humpback whales copulating in 2022

Two Male Humpback Whales Seen Having Sex — With Each Other

For the first time, humpback whales have been spotted...
Cole Brauer.

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A Complicated Route: How One Man Hiked 2,600km from India to Nepal

Laurent Berthod spent 95 days hiking from Leh in...
The tiny transluscent fish

One of the World’s Tiniest Fishes Makes a Sound Like a Gunshot

Barely the size of a thumbnail, a Myanmar fish...
An illustration of the Radcliffe Wave. The white line shows its current position, whilst the green and purple lines indicate future positions.

A Wave of Stars Washed Over Earth Millions of Years Ago

The Radcliffe Wave is a giant chain of stars...
The route of the Mongolian wall

Unraveling the Most Mysterious Section of the Great Wall of China

The Mongolian Arc is a little-known section of the...
A stone tool glued into a purposely created handle.

Neanderthals Used Glue to Make Tools

Artifacts have recently revealed that Neanderthals used glue to...
Hiker atop rocky peak, Kyrgyzstan.

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When we’re not outdoors, we get our adventure fix...
A female skywalker gibbon.

Love Songs Lead Scientists to Skywalker Gibbons

Scientists have found a previously unknown population of skywalker...
Northern green anaconda on a riverbank. Photo: Bryan Fry.

World’s Biggest Snake Found in Amazon

Scientists have discovered the largest species of giant anaconda...

Ocean Rowing Roundup for February

Since our last rowing roundup, there have been two...
Alpine ibex

Too Hot for Them: Alpine Ibex Now Prefer Moving at Night, Despite Wolves

As the days get hotter across Europe, the Alpine...
The tiny Rao’s intermediate golden-backed frog with mushroom growing on its side.

‘Truly Remarkable’: Tiny Mushroom Grows Out of A Frog

Wetlands specialist Lohit Y.T was walking through India's Western...

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