Watch: Near Miss as Massive Avalanche Sweeps Through French Ski Resort

For my money, avalanches are right up there with tornadoes and wildfires in terms of Mother Nature’s most spine-tingling occurrences. Avalanches are particularly horrifying when they occur in front country resorts, where the crowds are thick and few, if any, skiers are carrying beacons.

The front country of Tignes resort in the French Alps is exactly where the avalanche in this video occurred.

As best we can tell, no one was injured in this video. Chalk it up to luck and good fortune on behalf of the tiny figures of skiers seen outracing the deluge. And be glad you weren’t one of them.

Andrew Marshall

Andrew Marshall is an award-winning painter, photographer, and freelance writer. Andrew’s essays, illustrations, photographs, and poems can be found scattered across the web and in a variety of extremely low-paying literary journals.
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