Avalanche Sweeps Dhaulagiri NW Ridge — Climbers OK

We were hoping for summit news from the team attempting the NW Ridge of Dhaulagiri. Instead, we have to celebrate that they are alive.
An avalanche buried the tent in which they were sleeping at 6,800m. “They had to cut the tent with a knife to get out,” Horia Colibasanu’s home team reported. “Peter and Horia were the first to make their way out. Marius [Gane] came out later, as he couldn’t find his boots inside the tent. They had been lost under the snow.” Gane eventually found them.
The climbers managed to shelter in a small cave for the rest of the night. Come daylight, they retreated to Camp 1. They are all safe. According to latest news, they are on their way back to Base Camp. “Depending on weather, they will decide in the next few days whether to restart the ascent,” Colibasanu’s team wrote.