Avalanches Strike Manaslu and Dhaulagiri; At Least One Dead

This morning at about 9:40 am local time, a huge avalanche hit Manaslu Base Camp.  Reportedly there are no fatalities, but the slide destroyed 30 tents, according to Tashi Lakpa Sherpa from 14 Peaks Expedition.

At last one Sherpa has died in the avalanche while descending from Camp 2 to Camp 1, according to Warner Rojas of Costa Rica. No further details about this are currently available.

Mingma G of Imagine Nepal said that he had never seen such an avalanche before. “Everyone is safe and our team is descending back to Base Camp,” he added. “We will try to close our camp today and leave Base Camp safely.”

A huge avalanche hit Manaslu's base camp this morning.

A huge avalanche hit Manaslu’s Base Camp this morning. Photo: Grace Tseng


Arnold Coster also reported that his team is currently descending from Camp 3.

Climbers on several teams were on their summit push, while others were descending after a successful summit yesterday.

Seven Summit Treks reported two more avalanches in the higher camps as well. All their clients and Sherpas are safe.

One of the tents after the avalanche.

One of the tents after the avalanche. Photo: Warner Rojas


Warner Rojas told ExplorersWeb that many had been on the upper section of Manaslu because less wind was forecast for October 3. That was to have been their summit day.

“But at night, there was a heavy snowfall, and [the descent] will be very complicated now,” he added. He said that the avalanche had swept away many tents in those upper camps.

Rojas himself and most of his team had already left Base Camp and are now in Samagaon.

Viridiana Alvarez reported last night that it was snowing and that they were waiting at Camp 3 in order to continue toward Camp 4. “Patience, patience! The mountain sets the rules,” she messaged on her Garmin tracker. It is unclear what her plans are today after the avalanches.

Dhaulagiri: situation unclear

The situation is similarly unstable on Dhaulagiri. Recent avalanches hit near Camp 3 yesterday and between Camp 1 and Camp 2 today, according to Vadim Druelle.

In the end, Druelle did not leave Base Camp for his summit push yesterday. Last night, he said, 70cm of fresh snow fell in Base Camp within an hour.  They had to shovel snow from around the tents during the night.

Druelle then decided not to continue up because of the high avalanche danger.  “Without knowing it, he took the best decision of his life,” his home contact wrote.  Shortly after, a huge avalanche struck between Camps 1 and 2.

“At the moment there is not a clear picture about possible damage,” said Druelle. A rescue team, including him, has left Base Camp to help, if necessary.  “Hopefully we will have soon reassuring news,” he added.

Uta Ibrahimi ascending on Dhaulagiri. She is already back at base camp, safe.

Uta Ibrahimi climbing on Dhaulagiri. She is already back in Base Camp. Photo: Uta Ibrahimi


Uta Ibrahimi from Seven Summit Treks has arrived safely back at Base Camp. Ibrahimi has been texting via her tracker during her summit push.

She reported that yesterday the rope-fixing team from Seven Summit Treks, plus some Sherpas and climbers (including her) reached Camp 3.  “Very bad conditions, all day snow and fog,” she recalled then. Later, she reported that an avalanche covered her up to her knees.

After this avalanche near Camp 3, they aborted their summit push and descended to Camp 2.  “On the way back, no tracks — just snow or avalanche [debris],” she reported. “Much effort to get down, but everybody is safe.”

After several days of acclimatization above 6,000m, Mathieu Maynadier and his team have descended to Base Camp. “Everybody is fine,” he added. Maynadier plans to ski down Dhaulagiri.

Mathieu Maynadier and teammates.

Mathieu Maynadier and teammates. Photo: Mathieu Maynadier



Andrzej Bargiel and his team have also canceled their summit push and are back in Base Camp.  They had spent three nights in Camp 2 waiting for the weather to improve.

“Unfortunately, strong wind and clouds did not let us go for another attempt,” he wrote. “We will decide what to do soon.”

Andrzej Bargiel and Janusz Golab returning to the base camp of Everest.

Andrzej Bargiel and Janusz Golab return to Everest Base Camp. Photo: Andrzej Bargiel

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