Azim Gheichisaz is on the way to join 8000meters Club

Everest Summit Push

Azim Gheichisaz is as Iranian mountaineer who is hopefully running his last expedition in Himalaya this year. He started climbing his first 8000 meters in 2005. At that time he climbed Everest with an Iranian Team by using supplementary oxygen. After that expedition, he decided to climb all 8000 meters summit without Supplementary Oxygen. He finished 12 of 14’s two years ago. After the earthquake that happened last year in Nepal, he is coming back to Khumbu Region this year and attempting on Everest & Lhotse. This expedition will be his last 8000 meters and he will join the 8000 meters Club. He had only one attempt on each summit and successfully reached summit at his first attempt. Although Everest would be his second attempt, it is the first one without supplementary oxygen. We all pray for him and looking forward to hearing good news from him. Wish him all the best of luck & success. Azim’s website is the only reliable site that update his expedition news. You can follow him on: