Everest Headed For Another Record Year

Every week, Nepal’s Department of Tourism (DoT) updates its list of climbing permits for mountains above 6,000m. Although it’s hard to estimate final figures based on this dribbled information, Everest continues its popularity. Every year, the number of visitors hoping to Everest increases. According to the preliminary stats, this year may not be an exception.

More than last year

Last year, the first list of Everest permits came out on April 10. At that time, 20 teams had signed in, totaling 197 foreign climbers (166 male and 31 female).

This year, the permit lists started appearing earlier. On April 2, there were 86 permitted Everest climbers (70 male, 16 female). By April 10, exactly a year after last year’s figure of 197, a new update noted a running count of 209 permits (170 male, 39 female). That is, 12 permits more.

The figure does not reflect the Nepalese supporting climbers and guides. Typically, they more than double the final numbers.

List of climbing permits with Nepal Department of Tourism stamp

List of climbing permits issued by Nepal’s Department of Tourism as of April 10, 2024.


Understandably, Nepal only counts those climbing Everest from the south — the Nepalese side. This year, a number of teams received permission to climb the Northeast Ridge in Tibet.

Adrian Ballinger of Alpenglow Expeditions told ExplorersWeb that about 200 people will be on the Chinese side of the mountain this spring. This includes Tibetans, Chinese, Nepalese, and foreigners.

Last year, the final DoT figures gave a total of 478 foreign Everest permits for the Nepal side. At the end of the season, the final summit number — compiled by The Himalayan Database, based on the data gathered by Nepal’s authorities — was 655 summits, including local climbers. Fifteen of those locals summited Everest twice while Lakpa Sona Sherpa did so three times.

At the beginning of this season, The Himalayan Times newspaper estimated 400 permits. But if the trend continues, the final figure will likely be higher, making 2024 another record year for the Everest business industry.

Angela Benavides

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