Bahrainis Start Toward Lobuche, Climbers on Baruntse and K6

After some days in Kathmandu, waiting out the quarantine period and testing negative for COVID-19, the Bahrain Royal Guard team is finally on its way. Members will acclimatize on 6,119m Lobuche before moving to their main goal, Manaslu. They flew to Lukla yesterday and immediately set off for the Khumbu Valley.

Their expedition permit includes 15 Bahrainis, three Europeans and three Brits. One of the Europeans is Dutch guide (and current Nepal resident) Arnold Coster, who is one of the expedition leaders. No word yet on the identity of the other non-Bahrainis.

Arnold Coster en route to the Khumbu.


So far, they are the only foreign team with a permit to climb in Nepal’s Himalaya. However, a six-member Nepali expedition is on its way to Baruntse (7,129m), led by Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa. He says that their project is dubbed, “Tourism Recovery Nepal 2020”.

Baruntse team’s climbing permit


Meanwhile in Pakistan, Colin Haley and the Wrights have begun their climb up K6. They established Camp 1 at 5,800m on the south wall, according to Ali Saltoro of Alpine Adventure Guides. Previously, they attempted Drifica Peak (6,447m) but didn’t summit.

Finally, Ammar Mohsin of Pakistan successfully topped out on Khosar Gang Peak (6,050m)  on September 19, climbing 900 vertical metres through deep snow from Camp 2 and back to Base Camp in a day, according to Carlos Garranzo.

Ammar Moshin on Goshar Gang Peak. In the Balti language, Goshar Khan means “Ice Pumpkin”.