Bargiel Approaches Everest; Japanese Head to Karun Koh

Andrzej Bargiel and his team trekked under Nepal’s persistent monsoon rains from Namche Bazaar to Pheriche today. They are two days away from Everest Base Camp and the beginning of Bargiel’s attempt to climb and ski down Everest without supplementary oxygen.

A similar shot to the one at the head of the story, this time with Andrzej bargiel's shillouette with Lhotse behind

Andrzej Bargiel. Photo:


43 is an awkward age

Kayuza Hiraide and Kenro Nakajima reached Hunza three days ago, despite the flooding in large parts of Pakistan. They couldn’t fly to Gilgit as planned and had to drive on rough roads instead. Tomorrow, after two days of rest and sorting gear, they start their approach trek to Karun Koh.

Before leaving Hunza, the pair spent some time looking over the peaks where they achieved some of their best climbs, including Rakaposhi and Shispare. Hiraide and Nakajima opened new routes on Rakaposhi in 2019 and Shispare in 2017.

Silhouette of Kazuya Hiraide with Shispare, the pointed peak, in the background.

Kazuya Hiraide looks out at Shispare, the pointed peak in the background. Photo: Kazuya Hiraide


Hiraide also saw Ultar Sar, where Japanese star Tsuneo Hasegawa lost his life in an avalanche in 1991. Hasegawa was 43 when he died.

“I also turned 43 this year,” said Hiraide. “My long-time partner Kei Taniguchi also passed away at 43. I believe my mission is to survive this age.”

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