Best Camping Saws in 2022

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Cutting branches to build a shelter or start a fire is easier when you own one of the best camping saws. The market is full of choices. We found the most promising models to use for surviving in the wilds. Check them out below.

bahco laplander folding camping saw

The Bahco Laplander is one of the most affordable camping saws on the market, a general-purpose tool designed for wildlife enthusiasts and survivalists. Perfectly balanced and comfortable to handle, this backpack folding saw comes with a sturdy 7.5-inch blade and 7-tooth-per-inch blade design developed to slice through green and dry wood, bone, or plastic.

A low-friction and anti-rust protective coat ensure your blade will stay sharp for longer and maintain its features even when used in harsh conditions, while the two-component plastic handle with leather strap provides a perfect grip. Equipped with lock-in and lock-out safety lock, this camping saw is also safe to hold in your survival backpack or pocket.

  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • 7 TPI blade
  • Lightweight
  • Dual safety lock
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • General-purpose folding saw
  • Sturdy blade able to cut both green and dry wood
  • Anti-skid two-component plastic handle
  • Balanced and easy to maneuver


  • Cuts a little slower than expected.

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nordic pocket camping saw

Outdoors looking for the right value for money may be surprised by the Nordic Pocket Saw. No doubt, this is the best pocket chainsaw on the market.

Perfect for the survivalist, hunter, and camper alike, this essential tool consists of a carbon steel chain sharp enough to slice through most types of wood and two nylon handles which allow you to use your raw force only or divide your efforts with a buddy. A stylish carry bag boosts up the value of this product and is compact enough to fit in your pocket.

  • Heat-treated high-carbon steel blade
  • Anti-skid handles
  • Nylon storage case
  • Belt loop


  • The flexible saw is easy to use alone or with a friend
  • One of the most lightweight pocket saws, at only 4.7oz
  • Safe-grip handle reduces the risk of injuries


  • Difficult to cut branches in some positions

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silky professional series gomboy 240 folding landscaping saw

Perhaps too big to fit in a pocket, the Silky Gomboy 240 is an excellent backpacking saw to use for much more than camping. A versatile design makes this tool perfect for woodworking, gardening, and a host of other applications.

Part of the Professional Series Edition, this folding tree saw is designed for cutting softwood and comes with a medium teeth configuration. There are 8.5 teeth per inch, while the operating weight is of only 0.6oz. The tool comes with a custom hard plastic storage case, ideal for keeping the saw safe in your backpack or toolkit. Praised by the users as the best folding camp saw, the Gomboy definitely deserves your attention.

  • Premium Japanese design
  • Multiple sizes and blade configurations
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Rubberized grip


  • Precision-ground impulse hardened blade
  • Patented smooth cutting teeth design
  • Suitable for multiple applications
  • Convenient carrying case included
  • Multiple sizes

Zippo’s AxeSaw brings an unrivaled design and the innovation any survivalist wants.

It serves a myriad of applications, from chopping wood to shaving, sawing, and hammering. Its heavy tent stake mallet will help you set up your shelter in a breeze, whether it’s securing the last model of a blow-up tent or your bivy sack.

  • 15in hardened steel blade
  • On-tool blade storage compartment
  • 5in 420 stainless steel axe
  • Self-adjusting tension compensator
  • Safety sheath


  • All-in-one multi-tool to use for chopping, sawing, hammering, and more.
  • Hardened stainless steel saw blade.
  • Dual function saw handle.
  • Perfect for camping, woodworking, and gardening.


  • Plastic components feel cheap

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Sven Saw

sven saw

Sven Saw is an excellent camping saw consisting of a tempered Swedish steel blade and manufactured in Minnesota. It folds safely into the toolbox or hunting backpack and comes in 15in or 21in models.

Easy to maneuver thanks to the tubular handle, the saw fits wonderfully into a camper’s arsenal without adding too much weight to your tracking backpack load. Its rugged high-strength aluminum frame designed to hold the blade when not in use adds further value. It can rip through a six-inch log in a breeze and can even handle heavier-duty tasks if needed. No doubt, a great folding bow saw to have at hand at all times.

  • Tubular handle with no corners
  • Rugged aluminum frame
  • Tempered Swedish steel blade
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Comfortable handling


  • Two sizes allow you to choose the saw most appropriate to your needs
  • Handle serves as a protective sheath for the blade
  • Triangular design improves the saw’s rigidity
  • Lightweight and compact enough to carry in a backpack


  • Easy to lose wingnut
  • Difficult to achieve straight cuts, but great for most camping purposes

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wicked hand saw

An ergonomic design and sleek lines make it a comfortable and stylish tool to take out when needed.

Compact enough to use as a pocket chainsaw, the Wicked boasts a rugged cast aluminum handle and a strong impulse hardened high-carbon steel blade. A fail-safe blade lock design keeps this foldable hand saw closed in your pocket or bag, and is easy to open when an obstacle gets in your way. We also like the blade length, which is just perfect to allow cutting thicker branches.

  • High-carbon steel blade
  • Cast aluminum handle
  • Hardened steel lock-pin
  • Ergonomic fit in the hand


  • Durable high-carbon steel blade resists bending and braking
  • Non-slip rubber over-mold ensures a comfortable grip
  • Cast aluminum handle increases the tool’s overall resistance
  • Seven-inch blade cuts through thicker materials in a breeze


  • The rubber grip tends to get loose

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Tabor Tools T6 Folding Saw

tabor tools t6 folding saw
Last but not least, the T6 folding saw by Tabor Tools is a useful tool designed to serve you for leisure or in survival situations.
Its straight blade is ideal for pruning, tree limb cutting, or branch cutting when adventuring in the wild. Perfect for the survivalist, this folding hand saw is also ideal to keep in your car for emergency situations. A red handle makes it easy to find, and it’s so compact that it easily fits in your pocket. It’s a great survival gift for hunters and campers that will find good use in this folding camp saw with rugged razor teeth.
  • Four-inch cutting capacity
  • Three-dimensional cutting edge
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Rugged blade resists strong pulls and provides accurate cuts
  • Rugged non-slip handle ensures a comfortable grip
  • Ideal for trail maintenance, camping, or surviving
  • Straight and curved blade models


  • Hard to lock the blade in position when folded
  • The nut holding the blade tends to get loose

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Features to look for in camping saws

Blade material

Camping saw blades are made of either carbon steel or stainless steel. The latter is more expensive, but the strength and anti-rust properties of the material pay off in the long run. Carbon steel is also a good choice, but pay attention to choose a blade coated with an anti-corrosive material.


Blade type and performance

Three things to check are the blade angle, the teeth positioning, and the teeth density.

  • The blade angle can be either straight or curved. Curved camping saws are more suitable for thinner branches, whereas the straight blades can handle thicker branches.
  • The teeth positioning impacts maneuverability. In our experience, the blades with the teeth slanted towards the handle are easier to use and give you more control over the cut, although these blades tend to be thinner than the ones with teeth slanted away from the handle.
  • Lastly, the teeth density, measured in tooth-per-inch (TPI) determines the accuracy of the cut. The higher the TPI, the more accurate the cut, but these blades also cut slower. For the best balance between performance and accuracy, we recommend a medium-toothed blade with around eight or nine TPI.
Handle design

A camping saw’s handle must be ergonomic and big enough to hold the blade securely when folded. High-density plastic or metal with the rubberized coating is your best options.

Size and weight

A good camping saw must be compact and lightweight. They must add minimum bulk to your camping gear and ideally fit into a backpacking backpack or pocket. A length of around eight inches or less when folded is sufficient. Survivalists may even benefit from smaller pocket saws with a length of around five inches.


Camping saws are portable by definition but don’t forget to check the blade locking system. Carrying pouches or cases add further value.


The most important features to look for are the availability of replacement blades and spare parts, including any nuts and rubberized handle sleeves, the warranty, and the availability the customer service.


The most important things when assessing the quality of a camping saw are the blade and the handle. All products featured in our list have strong blades made of durable materials like hard-carbon steel, tempered steel, or impulse hardened steel.

These tools also have strong, ergonomic handles and reliable joints to guarantee years of dependable use.

Ease of use

Your pocket saw won’t bring too many benefits if it’s cumbersome or hard to use. Two things to have in mind are ergonomics and weight.

The tool must feel balanced in your hand and provide a comfortable, non-skid, grip. It must also be lightweight. Otherwise, it may cause user fatigue. Lastly, check the size of the blade too, especially if you want to cut thicker branches.

using a hand saw


Types of camping saws

There are three major types of camping saws to consider, pocket, folding, and bow saws.

Pocket Chainsaw – It is lightweight, compact, and the most portable of all three. As its name suggests, it often fits in a pocket, but this type is also the least resistant, and the blades are usually non-replaceable.

Folding Saw – Larger than the pocket chainsaw or a camping knife, the folding saw still fits in a backpack and is a great survival tool to keep in your car. It handles thicker branches and even thin tree trunks, and some models have replaceable blades.

Bow Saw – The bulkiest but also the most performing of all three, the bow saw is sometimes a pain to transport but can rip thicker trees and has blades that can cut both dry and green wood. You can typically store the blades inside the handle, and all bow saws come with replaceable blades.

a hand saw



Camping saws FAQ

Q: What is a camping saw?

A camping saw is a miniaturized version of a handsaw, a hybrid between a full-size tool and a tactical knife designed for camping, hunting, or survival.

Q: Which type of saw should I get?

A pocket saw is the best choice for survivalists and hunters. Campers may benefit more from a folding saw, whereas a bow saw is ideal for the adventurer who needs a tool for cutting all kinds of wood.

Q: What are bow saws generally used for?

Bow saws are generally used for cutting branches and tree trunks up to 6 inches thick. Some models also incorporate other tools, such as an axe and mallet, and are ideal for camping.

Q: How easy is it to replace a dull or damaged saw blade?

Changing the blade is usually simple. Unscrew the nuts holding the blade in place, change the blade, and fasten the nuts again. However, remember that not all camping saws have replaceable blades.

Q: What’s better: a bigger sized saw or a smaller one?

It depends on your purpose. A bigger saw is more resistant and can handle more applications. A smaller one may be more delicate, but it’s easier to store and transport.

Q: How do I sharpen a pocket chainsaw?

We suggest using a handheld chainsaw sharpener compatible with your pocket chainsaw’s chain.

Q: Should I oil my saw?

Yes. Lubrication keeps your saw in optimal conditions for longer. If you intend to use the saw to cut game or edibles besides branches, use a food-grade lubricant.

Q: Why does a survivalist need a saw more than an axe?

A saw requires less energy to handle; it’s more portable, and less dangerous than an axe if you are less experienced in handling these tools.