Beyond Selfies: The Next GoPro

The winning concept from Intel
(Tina Sjogren) Winner of Intel’s “Make it Wearable” global competition for innovative concepts is different indeed.

We’ve seen drones following and filming adventurers before, like Antony Jinman last season when he solo-skied to the South Pole.

The cool part about Nixie is that it’s… wearable.

The drone is very small and the body soft enough to wrap around your wrist and be worn like a watch.

Bring it to the rock wall and throw like a frisbee on a hard section. The cam flies off, shoots a video of you, and boomerangs back. This would be useful for any sport where filming your style could improve your moves (and be shared with others).

The watch-drone was displayed in a booth on the top floor at the IDF conference. It looked substantial enough, almost 3D print-simple, but we didn’t get to see it in operational state.

The Nixie team got $500 000 from Intel to make it real.