Borge Ousland: A Conversation about Cold

And about how to deal with it. [In Norwegian, but use Google Translator]

(By […] Borge Ousland COLD TIPS II:


When it comes to coping with the cold is a good glove system is crucial. I have developed a very good system. It consists of three mittens. The first is a woolen muffs. Surface it I have a thin fleece mitten and utterly I have a wind mitten. Wind mittens are extra long, it reaches me almost to the elbow. It really helps in heat. The innermost mittens are closest to the skin, and when I take a fleece mitten out all the moisture will go beyond mittens and put themselves in fleece mitten. I beckon moisture past the wool, you might say. Mittens are always dry and fleece mittens are easy to dry.

Mittens must be brushed every day. Mittens are full of little frost particles and wind mittens must turn inside out and brushed for ice. Moisture behaves so that it travels outward until it reaches the coldest place, where it condenses and turns into ice. The ice must be removed every day, because if it becomes too much of it can get frostbite.

I do not know how many percent of your body heat from escaping through the head, but from experience, I believe it is extremely important to cover it. I have three systems here also a balaclava, a thick and lined hat with ear flaps and a light and thin plain hat. It’s enough. And maybe a buff around your neck. […]

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