Buddhist Monk Makes First Ascent of Saula (6,235m) Near Manaslu

Japanese alpinist and Buddhist monk Daijo Saito announced today that on May 3, he and partner Shigenobu Akihiro made the first ascent of Saula (6,235). Located in the Manaslu Himal, it lies on the Nepal-Tibet border, east-northeast of Samagaon. This was the first attempt on the mountain.

Daijo Saito was also a member of the team led by Yasuhiro Hanatani, which made the first ascent of Pankar Himal (6,264m) in 2018, via its northeast ridge.

Photo: Daijo Saito


Saula lies east of Pankar Himal. Both mountains only joined the permitted list for climbing in 2014. The climbers are currently trekking back to the nearest village. More details to come.

From the summit of Saula. Photo: Daijo Saito

Shigenobu Akihiro postholes up Saula. Photo: Daijo Saito

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20 days ago

Isn’t that other climber Hanatani?