Mingma G Aborts Winter K2

It’s over for Mingma G’s team on their winter attempt on K2.

Outfitter Apricot tours confirm that all members are going home. Moreover, they report that five members of the expedition were airlifted by two helicopters “on a rescue mission” and are now safely back to Skardu. No names were provided, but two Nepalis, Shirbaz Khan of Pakistan and the liaison officer were reportedly leaving Base Camp on foot.

An Instagram post by John Snorri blames unrealistic expectations and team disagreements about the challenge ahead.

The lesson to learn: Winter K2 tests all members of a team. Familiarity with each other and agreed-upon expectations are vital. Photo: John Snorri

“Summiting K2 in winter is a formidable task that necessitates all team members being fully prepared, both mentally and physically…Mingma G of Nepal and Ga Li of China have both expressed that they don’t feel fully prepared…[for] personal reasons,” Snorri (rather bitterly) stated.

File image used by Apricot Tours to report on the alleged “rescue operation” on K2.