Update: O’Brady Now 3Km From the Finish

Update: Noon, Eastern Time:

Colin O’Brady woke up yesterday morning with just 129km to win his informal race with Lou Rudd and become the first person to make a solo, unassisted, unsupported traverse of Antarctica.

Now it seems that he is looking to finish in style. O’Brady has found himself in quite the zone lately, upping his daily totals and churning out the kilometres; this morning he has decided that he will attempt the final stretch in one long push.

“As I was boiling water for my morning oatmeal, a seemingly impossible question popped into my head. I wonder, would be possible to do one straight continuous push all the way to the end?”

O’Brady has now skied for over 24 hours. He’s 3km from the finish and a truly incredible feat of endurance.

Meanwhile, at the end of Christmas Day, Rudd had about 130km to go.