K2: Sajid Speaks

In an interview with local television in Skardu, Sajid Sadpara summarized what happened the night his father Ali, along with John Snorri and JP Mohr, went missing.

Sajid’s story:

We started for the summit the night of February 5 around 11 pm/12 am.There were four climbers: me and father, John Snorri, and Juan Pablo. The other climbers (Sherpas and Europeans were already descending.

Unfortunately I was out of oxygen when we reached the Bottleneck. Also, I was not feeling well mentally. My father told me to use the supplementary oxygen I was carrying. I was trying to fix the mask regulator, but the oxygen started to leak, so I came back down.

I saw them the last time going up the Bottleneck. I left around 12 pm, and when I reached Camp 3, it was 5 pm. I contacted BC and told them that I have reached Camp 3 and that my father and the team are going for the summit. The summit team had no walkie talkie.

I started preparing water for them as I thought they would be back that night. Also, I left the light on in the camp for them. I didn’t sleep that night, and the next morning I contacted BC again and said that they still haven’t arrived. They told me not to go up again as the weather was not good and I was tired. They advised me to descend and that they would start a search mission soon. Unfortunately, the next day we were still without any contact with the summit team.

I think that they summited, and while they were descending, they had an accident, as the wind was very strong at that time.

Sajid also added that considering that they’ve been at that altitude on K2 in winter for three days, he accepts that their chances of survival are low.