SOS from Rakaposhi

The three-member Pakistani-Czech expedition has run into trouble somewhere between 6,700 and 6,900m on Rakaposhi (7,788m) and have asked for rescue. They were descending after reaching the summit yesterday.

Wajidullah Nagri became the second Pakistani climber to summit Rakaposhi, after Sher Khan over 40 years ago. The other two, Peter Macek and Jakub Vicek, are from the Czech Republic.

Wajidullah Nagri (left) of Pakistan and his two Czech climbing partners, Peter Macek and Jakub Vicek. Photo: Twitter


At 5 pm yesterday, Nagri texted his family to say that they had just started going down from the top, Dawn reported. They sent the SOS sometime this afternoon or evening. An aerial rescue operation will have to wait until tomorrow at least since it is already dark in Pakistan.

Some media suggest that they may have climbed Rakaposhi by a new route, but this is unconfirmed. Previous reports stated that the climbers left Base Camp on September 1 via “the South Ridge”.

Wajidullah Nagri on Rakaposhi some days ago. Photo: Karim Shah/Twitter


The powerful French team of Helias Millerioux, Patrick Wagnon, and Yannick Graziani climbed the peak alpine-style last month, following the classic British route up the SW Spur. Two years ago, Japanese Kenro Nakayima and Kazuya Hiraide climbed a bold new line up the difficult south face, which won them the 2019 Piolet d’Or.

Rakaposhi is the only mountain in the world whose climb involves gaining over 5,000 vertical metres from BC to summit. The impressive peak is visible from wide areas in Gilgit. “With a zoom lens, the summit ridge is clearly visible from Jutyal, in Gilgit,” local climber Karim Shah wrote.