Carlos Soria: Waiting on Weather

No one can question Carlos Soria’s dogged commitment. Now on his ninth attempt at Dhaulagiri, the 79-year-old patiently waits at Base Camp for a weather window that will allow his summit push.

Soria descending from Camp 1 (5,700m). Photo: Carlos Soria

Soria completed his acclimatization on April 24 with a rotation up to Camp 2 at 6,450 meters. Thanks to the hard work of 14 Sherpas on two different teams, the fixed ropes have all been laid. The route is ready.

Unfortunately for Soria, the weather has yet to cooperate. Soria reports that “the mornings are clear and we enjoy beautiful dawns. But over the course of the morning, clouds build, leaving our Base Camp covered with snow every afternoon.”

Afternoon clouds building. Photo: Carlos Soria

And so he waits. To keep fit, Soria walks extensively at the foot of Dhaulagiri, wondering if this ninth time will reward his patience eventually.

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