A trekker looks up to a helicopter flying low in the vicinity of Everest Base Camp

Nepal Supreme Court Bans Helicopter Airlifts

A powerful new player has entered the debate about...
a dolphin

Pacific Tribal Leaders Give Whales and Dolphins Legal Personhood

Tribal leaders from New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Tonga,...
a toilet consisting on a barrel with a supporting surface on top, on a metallic frame on glacial, rocky gound.

The Poo Issue on Everest, More Complex Than It Seems

Beginning this year, climbers will have to bring their...
Typical cherry-blossom framed image of mount Fuji in spring.

Restrictions Ahead on Overcrowded Mount Fuji

Hiking up Mount Fuji is more of a traveling...
TJ Watt and Tyson Atleo stand by the massive cedar tree

Conservationist Finds 1,000-Year-Old Red Cedar in Canada

A photographer who searches for giant trees has found...
sigurd olson

Legends Series: Sigurd Olson

To all appearances, the 800km expedition on a segment...

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