Chaz Powell: Trekking Across Madagascar

After previously completing treks down the Zambezi and Gambia Rivers, British adventurer Chaz Powell will begin his latest expedition this month: crossing Madagascar from east to west.

Powell will lead a small team trekking more than 800km across this island off the east Coast of Africa. The first leg of their journey will be from Mananjary on the east coast (not shown on the map below) to the source of the Mangoky River, in the Central Highlands.

From there, they will follow the 564km course of the Mangoky, Madagascar’s longest river, to the Mozambique Channel on the west coast, north of the city of Morombe. Joining Powell will be ecologist Emilie Gorse, filmmaker Justin True and photographer Nina Weismeyer.

Powell plans to follow the Mangoky River from its source to the sea.


Chaz Powell on the Gambia River. Photo: Tim Roberts

Through the expedition, as with Powell’s previous treks, the group hopes to raise awareness and funds for the loss of wildlife and wild lands.

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