Chinese Head for Everest Summit

The huge Chinese team on Everest is on the move again, after bad weather forced climbers to retreat from Camp 3 back to ABC on Saturday. Today, an update from Base Camp reports that 30 climbers and surveyors — who plan to take new altitude readings from the summit — left Base Camp today, led by Li Guopeng.

Surveyors pose at Everest Base Camp. Photo: Sung Fei/Xinhua


The Everest altitude re-measurement will use a BeiDou-3 Navigation Satellite System as well as advanced mapping tools. Traditional trigonometric readings will also take place from six different points along the mountain and the Rongbuk glacier. Preliminary measurements have been taking place since early March.

Details on the climb itself are scarce, as news has focused on the scientific part of the expedition, as seen on the video below. It includes an interview with one of the surveyors (in Chinese, with English subtitles). The footage includes some stunning images of the road leading to the enormous Base Camp.


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