Content Agreement

Submission of an article

1) By submitting an article to ExplorersWeb (“ExWeb”), you hereby grant, transfer and assign to ExWeb and its licensees, the rights as follows:

a) Reproduction and publication rights;

b) The right to edit, translate, condense, adapt and modify, publish, promote, and distribute the Article;

c) The right to include the Article and adaptations thereof in any ExWeb published anthology or compilation;

d) The right to distribute the Article, in whole or in part, through the Internet, and including without limitation, SMS, mobile phone and other commercial online services.

e) The right to archive the Article in any manner, method or media, now or hereafter known.

f) The right to use excerpts from the Article to promote and advertise ExWeb.

g) The right, but not the obligation, to use the author’s name, biography and likeness in connection with the publication and promotion of the Article, or any derivative Article thereof in any media or channel.

2) You hereby agree that ExWeb shall have the right to secure copyright of the Article in various countries and languages and be the exclusive owner of the Article. ExWeb use of the Article is limited to the terms of this agreement.

3) You hereby warrant and represent that:

a) You own the rights conveyed herein or that you are the copyright owner’s duly authorized Agent; that you have the full right, power and authority to enter this agreement and to grant to ExWeb the rights herein granted;

b) The contents of the Article are original, do not violate the copyright of third parties, and do not contain anything that is defamatory or violates the privacy rights of any individuals named or identifiable therein. You further represent and warrant to ExWeb that the contents are factually accurate

d) All details represented as fact in the Article are true and you will provide ExWeb’s research staff with assistance, if requested, in its efforts to verify such details. If ExWeb’s research staff is unable to substantiate the truth of the alleged facts, ExWeb may, in its sole discretion decide to edit or not to publish the Article.

4) ExWeb shall adapt, condense, abridge or modify the Article with due skill and care to ensure that the purpose and the opinions of the Author are not distorted or misrepresented. Subject thereto, the Author hereby consents or waives the right to object to changes made by ExWeb in order to produce the Article.

5) Any information or document transmitted by ExWeb for the execution of this contract will be considered strictly confidential and shall not be revealed or disclosed to any third party without the express written advance consent of ExWeb.

6) ExWeb will have no obligation to publish the Article.

7) This Agreement may not be assigned by either party without prior written consent of the other party, except that ExWeb may assign the agreement to any successor publisher of ExWeb.

8) This agreement will be subject to, and interpreted in accordance with, the laws of Japan applicable to agreements to be performed wholly therein, and contains the entire understanding of the parties.