David Beckham at Union Glacier, Antarctica

Beckham arrived on the Ilyushin with Henry Worsley.
British soccer star, David Beckham, is on a mission to play soccer on all seven continents. The former England skipper has made his latest stop at ANI’s Union Glacier camp when he flew in with the Ilyushin-76. He is travelling around the world to produce a BBC documentary on grass roots football across the globe.

Last week he played in Nepal and earlier this week in a shanty town in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Beckham will also visit Papua New Guinea (Asia), Djibouti (Africa) and Miami (USA).

Henry Worsley reported no wind when they landed at Union Glacier, and “fantastic” and “wonderful” to be back. He has already done two Coast-to-Pole expeditions, both on the Ross Ice Shelf side.

Henry was hopeful to fly to his start point at Berkner Island “in a couple of hours,” after Beckham had played his game on a makeshift football pitch. But later in a second report last night, he reported that he didn’t fly forward after Beckham left and bad weather has him tent bounded at Union Glacier. He’ll probably fly today but more likely tomorrow, the 12th, he said.

As for the temperature, it is “very, very, warm” at Union Glacier, said Henry; minus 9 degrees Celsius.