Rescue on Dhaulagiri: Dawa Sherpa is Safe in Base Camp

Chhang Dawa Sherpa of Seven Summit Treks has told Andorran climber Stefi Troguet that Dawa Sherpa is safely down in Base Camp. Dawa, the companion of deceased Dhaulagiri climber Antonios Sykaris, was waiting for rescue at Camp 3.

At the moment, there is no word whether the Sherpas were able to lower the body of Antonios Sykaris from its location at 7,400m. The Greek climber died yesterday at 4 am local time during his descent from the 8,167m summit.

The family of the Greek alpinist posted an emotional message on his Facebook page, thanking people around the world for their support.

Other climbers will be starting up Dhaulagiri shortly, including Carlos Soria and Sito Carcavilla. The two Spaniards arrived yesterday in Base Camp. Soria reports that his team is presently alone there.

They plan to take their first steps up the mountain on Friday, April 15. They do not rule out taking advantage of the good conditions currently on Dhaulagiri to continue toward the summit.

Dhaulagiri was Sykaris’s fifth 8,000m peak. Like so many of today’s 8,000m climbers, he was going for all 14 summits. Photo: Antonios Sykaris