Done! Nick Butter Runs a Marathon in Every Country

After enduring almost a year and a half of constant exhaustion, various illnesses and every setback imaginable, Nick Butter finally brought his epic project to a successful close today in Greece, the birthplace of the marathon. He has now run 196 marathons — one in each country.

One of 196. Photo: Nick Butter


The massive project, as difficult logistically as physically, took two years of planning and 675 days, 10 passports and 120 visas to execute. He soldiered on through both heat and cold as well as — far more dangerous —  politically unstable nations. The former Dorset, England banker was shot at in Nigeria and attacked by wild dogs in Tunisia.

Butter began his Running the World 196 project to highlight prostate cancer, after his friend, Kevin Webber, was diagnosed with it in 2014. The marathon man raised approximately $83,000 for research during his journey.