Two Guys Got Famous For Getting Drunk On TikTok. Then They Went Hiking

Two best friends have become TikTok sensations for drinking their way across thousands of kilometres of the European countryside.

Harry Bellow, 24, and Elliot Blake, 25, garnered millions of views on TikTok for their beer-drinking antics in countries around the world.

Then on June 20, the pair of BFFs started a more ambitious journey: traveling 5,000km across 12 countries. They started in the Netherlands and plan to walk all the way to Istanbul. Along the way, they’ll drink as much beer as possible.

They’re calling it the Longest Pub Crawl in the World — so it’s not hard to understand why these two quickly became Internet darlings. Their TikTok account, @harrycows, has racked up over a million likes and 124,000 followers.

The friends have created a new post for every day of the trip, and today marks day 51 of their journey. Their latest video sees them traveling through the Austrian town of Arzburg and its surrounding countryside.

The pair’s planned journey. Image: Harry Bellow


It’s not hard to see the duo’s appeal to the predominantly young audience of TikTok. Bellow documents the beer-swilling journey with short videos that pack in shots of beautiful hikes, rustic villages, and local brews.

“I woke up on the side of a cliff in a patch of thorns and stinging nettle,” Bellow says in the latest video about Graz, Austria. “From the valley bottom, we climbed over a massive mountain. It wasn’t easy. The views at the top were rewarding though. And no, we didn’t take the ski lifts.”

Bellow and Blake met one another while attending Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. After graduating with geology degrees, they tried to embrace serious careers only to find themselves dissatisfied with the lifestyle.

“After working for a year as a geologist in a corporate setting, I found myself unable to continue,” Bellow wrote. “All I really know is, it wasn’t working for me at the time. I felt as though I was sacrificing much of life’s pleasure for a paycheck. Perhaps I have a future in it one day but for now, I am looking to live my life.”

If living life means drinking beer in beautiful new places, then these two have got it figured out.

They’re also accepting donations — in beer.

Andrew McLemore

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