Ethnic and climbing travel across the continents

I have been realizing my travel and climbing project for eight years already. The main goal of the project is to document the traditions, culture of the tribes and ethnic minorities in Asia, South America, Africa as well as free climbing on every continent. In 2013, I have spent three months in Indochina. During this trip, I have documented the traditions of the following tribes: Tampuon (Tampuan) in Cambodia, Akha in Laos and Hmong in Vietnam.

Tumihay, Singnapan Valley. Photo: Lukasz Bartoszewicz

In 2015, I returned to Asia to realize my second project. Here are the results of two months expedition in Philippines:
-Documentation of Tau’t Batu culture, the tribe living on Palawan Island in Philippines. I spent one month in the jungle with Tau’t Batu people. During this time, I learned hunting, local dialect and I documented their animistic beliefs.
-With Wendell Getubig we opened Waterfall Wall, new climbing sector in Cebu Island. Difficulties of the routes which we bolted are between 6a and 7c+.

Wendell bolting second route in our new climbing sector – Waterfall Wall in Cebu Island. Photo: Lukasz Bartoszewicz

I started to realize my third project in 2017. With Patrick Audrey and Alex Orr we established two new multi-pitch routes in Bukit Takun, one of the best climbing region in Malaysia: Make Takun Great Again (6b, around 130 m) and 2000 Steps (6a, 100 m). Next year I did my second reportage about Tau’t Baut. This time I spent almost three weeks in Singnapan Valley. I document their life during the wet season when Tau’t Baut taking shelter in the caves.

Life in the cave during the wet season in Singnapan Valley. Photo: Lukasz Bartoszewicz

My next goal is bolting trip to Karpathos Island. Karpathos is a narrow and mountainous island in the Sea of Crete, situated between Crete and Rhodes. There are already around 300 climbing routes, mostly bolted by Polish climbers. The climbing potential is still enormous. The rock on Karpathos is limestone of every possible form. You will find huge overhangs with tufas, vertical walls with small edges and slightly overhanging. In 2017, I spent two weeks for climbing and bolting new routes. This time I’ll focus to open new climbing sector.

Adia – the biggest climbing sector in Karpathos Island. Photo: Lukasz Bartoszewicz

All photos belong to Lukasz Bartoszewicz