Everest 2016 season .. the first Australian woman to climb Everest gives a different perspective

Here we go folks, the video interview that I have been editing to give you my perspective on things, like many others have. I hope it will add a little something to the story.

People die each year, yet more and more people want to climb Everest. Why do they? What are the consequences of this?

The video interview on Youtube

Brigitte Koch-Muir OAM summitted Everest in 1997, on her fourth attempt. Storms, spending the night out at 8500m without light or oxygen, and being caught in the 1996 disaster on the South Col of Everest are some of the challenges she faced before eventually summitting. She was a high altitude expedition climber, and leader, for almost thirty years. She is now a story teller, and belongs to the Beyond the Smile Friendily, and the SEED Alliances, a network of people excited by the idea of changing the world by implementing a business model based on the seven chakras, and having fun doing it.

Brigitte’s e-book and talks

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