Everest false summit claims: How many in 2016?

Top or not

Mainstream media is abuzz about an Indian couple, both police officers, accused of faking their Everest summit this past season. Among other things, pictures show the two wearing different clothing early in the push compared to the summit, which is not unusual though. Down suits are generally too hot for the lower parts of the climb.

Indian police is investigating, but the question is if there’s more to the story. During the same season, Explorersweb received a tip claiming not two but many summits were faked due to crowding. Worse, authorities doled out certificates knowingly.

Wrote the whistle blower, a well reputed and accomplished mountaineer: “Has Exweb heard the rumours form Everest – that the queues were so bad on the Thurs and Fri mass summit days of 19 and 20 that many climbers stopped 200m below summit and NMA awarding summit to them?!!”

That’s all we heard of it though. If you have more, let us know.