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David Lama, Hansjörg Auer and Jess Roskelley Missing in Avalanche

Three of the world's most talented alpinists, Austrians David Lama and Hansjörg Auer, and American Jess Roskelley are missing and feared dea...

Ash Routen

Nick Butter: 132 Marathons Down, 64 To Go

In January 2018, Nick Butter set out to run a marathon in every country on earth. By August, he had ticked off 63 of the 196 nations on his ...

Martin Walsh

Masatatsu Abe on a Hard Trek to the South Pole

In January, Masatatsu Abe finally reached the South Pole, after 55 days and 918km from the Messner Start. He was the last South Pole sledder...

Rowan White

Hiking the World: Updates from the Road

Circumnavigating the world on foot is a slow business, but over the days, months and years, those kilometres really add up. We check in with...

Martin Walsh

Txikon Interview, Part II: What Really Happened to Nardi and Ballard

The most-discussed aspect of Alex Txikon's winter K2 expedition did not even take place on that mountain. It was the search-and-rescue opera...

Angela Benavides

Weekend Warm-Up: The Towers of Ennedi

Totally off the tourist radar, rarely seen by the human eye, except for a few camel teams moving from oasis to oasis, Chad’s Ennedi desert i...

North Pole Season Cancelled

After 10 days of delays, the political wranglings between Ukraine and Russia have ended the 2019 North Pole season before it could begin. ...

Ash Routen

Exclusive: Alex Txikon on a Troubled K2 Winter Base Camp

Alex Txikon has both done a lot and has a lot to say. In the last 90 days, he has launched a serious attempt on winter K2, managed a nerve-w...

Angela Benavides

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