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Interview: Dixie Dansercoer on Sledding to Russia from the North Pole

Veteran Belgian adventurer Dixie Dansercoer's many long-haul polar expeditions include the first North-to-South crossing of Antarctica in 1998. Together with fellow Belgian Alain Hubert, the pair manhauled and kite-skied 3,924km in 99 days. Dansercoer and Hubert also made the first crossing of the A...

Ash Routen

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Weekend Warm-up: Pobeda

This is about a winter climb in the land of all winters, a silent quest across an isolated place of pristine beauty and lethal breath, where...

Angela Benavides

Antarctica 2018-2019: Week Four

At present, the greatest challenge on the coldest continent is that it's too warm. Abnormally high temperatures have resulted in soft, deep ...

Martin Walsh

Book Review: The White Darkness

"I think of myself as this atom on an ice cube in the middle of nowhere." -- Henry Worsley If you have an interest in contemporary polar ...

Ash Routen

Project NWP

Presented below is a solo expedition starting April 10, 2019 in Kugluktuk, Nunavut and concluding around April 30 in Cambrid...

René Ritter

Unsupported Solo Death Valley Crossing to Support Homeless Children

Starting December 14, 2018, Roland Banas will walk across Death Valley, from the southernmost to the northernmost point, about 145 miles awa...

Lecomte Aborts Pacific Swim

Ben Lecomte has abandoned his attempt to swim across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to California. During the last two weeks, stormy weather a...

Martin Walsh

Txikon, Russians Gear Up for Winter K2

Winter K2 has been attempted four times by Polish and Russian climbers. None of them has reached beyond 7,600m of its 8,611m. A Russian/...

Angela Benavides

Jerry Kobalenko Awarded the Polar Medal

Renowned arctic explorer and ExplorersWeb editor, Jerry Kobalenko, has been awarded the prestigious Polar Medal by Canada's Governor General...

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