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Yearning Hearts: Inside the Minds of Free Soloists

Climbing without ropes or a harness is not madness. Using only climbing shoes and magnesium, free soloing is the purest and most dangerous way to climb. Only a few are capable of it. Pure Climbing To free solo is to feel close to nature, attached to the rock, and to experience a whiff of a...

Kris Annapurna

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Manaslu Rope Fixers Push for Summit

Six Sherpas with Seven Summit Treks left Base Camp yesterday for the summit of Manaslu. They expect to reach it tomorrow or Friday. If su...

Angela Benavides

Everest Exhibit Live-Streams on Monday Sept. 27

The Alpine Club in the UK is celebrating a century of Everest history by inviting everyone to join them for an online tour of their special ...

Angela Benavides

Cyclist Grinds Out New FKT Across Iceland: Over 400 Km, Less Than 20 Hours

A millennial from Texas just became the first person to cycle across Iceland in less than 24 hours. Payson McElveen, a rising star in mou...

Sam Anderson

Rosie Stancer: 600km across the Aralkum Desert

Rosie Stancer and Pom Oliver have successfully crossed the Aralkum desert by foot. Their unique 600km expedition over the former sea bed of ...

Villanueva and Team Report 5 New Big Walls in East Greenland

Between a notable first ascent by an Italian-Swiss-French team in the eastern fiords and the efforts of the irrepressible Sean Villanueva O'...

Sam Anderson

Free Event, Sep. 21: Ocean Exploration Roundtable with James Cameron

What is the ocean twilight zone and how can we solve the marine climate crisis unfolding within it? These are the questions that ocean exper...

Jilli Cluff

Paramotor Crash Kills Adventure Filmmaker; Severely Injures Climate Activist

On Saturday, September 18, well-known adventure journalist Dan Burton died after a mid-air paramotoring collision with conservationist Sasha...

Sam Anderson

Chamlang, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri; First Ascents in Pakistan

A French team will attempt to open a new route up the north pillar of 7,321m Chamlang, in the Makalu area. In 2020, Marek Holecek and Zdenek...

Angela Benavides

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