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A passion for the natural world drives many of our adventures. And when we’re not actually outside, we love delving into the discoveries about the places where we live and travel. Here are some of the best natural history links we’ve found this week. Hubble telescope captures images of Jupiter, S...

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Natural Wonders: The Aral Sea

What was once the greatest pride of Central Asia is now the worst environmental disaster of the modern era. The Aral Sea was the fourth-larg...

Kristine De Abreu

Italians Add to Rich Mont Blanc History with First Ascent of ‘Cascata Major’

On Saturday, November 20, 2021, alpinists Francesco Civra Dano and Giuseppe Vidoni nabbed the first ascent of a virgin ice climb on Mont Bla...

Jilli Cluff

Aconcagua Season Cut to One Month

Aconcagua Provincial Park opened at its usual time, on November 15. The Aconcagua season usually runs from mid-November to the first week of...

Angela Benavides

World’s Highest Resolution Camera Ready to Shoot the Stars

The world's most advanced astronomical camera is ready to begin its job atop a Chilean mountaintop, probing for astronomical events in glori...

Jilli Cluff

Antarctic Expeditions on the Move

After a gap year because of COVID, the Antarctic season has begun again in earnest. Because of relatively late confirmation of an open se...

Martin Walsh

High Risk For High Reward: Nepali Outfitters Seek to Open Cho Oyu’s South Side

Nirmal Purja intends to lead a commercial expedition to the south side of Cho Oyu in autumn 2022. And Purja is not the only one with that id...

Angela Benavides

Great Tales in Mountaineering History: The Trango Towers

In the Karakorum, a group of rock towers feature some of the highest cliffs in the world. Located between the Trango Glacier and the Dunge G...

Kris Annapurna

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Pads of 2021-2022

If you are a climber, polar explorer, or anyone considering an expedition in subfreezing temperatures, you’ll need a suitable cold-weather s...

Rebecca Ross

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