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10 Indigenous Explorers

In the history of exploration by outsiders, tales of success often contrast with sagas of misadventure and tragedy. Those indigenous to the ...

Matthew Traver

Man Sails 86 Days Across the Atlantic to Reunite with Father, 90

What do you do when you’re prohibited from international air travel but can’t fathom being away from your aged father? Sail 12,000km across ...

Alex Myall

ExWeb’s Links of the Week

Here at ExWeb, when we’re not outdoors, we get our adventure fix by exploring social media and the wider interweb. Sometimes we’re a little ...

Ash Routen

Weekend Warm-Up: Coppermine River Expedition 2012

How would you spend a getaway with the boys? Fishing? Watching sports with lots of junk food? Canoeing maniacs Max Florence, Jesse Coleman, ...

Kristine De Abreu

Base Camp Chat: Video Interview with Everest Guide Ryan Waters

Apart from virus-related remarks, guess what was the main conversation topic at ExWeb's second Base Camp Chat?  Of course, it had to be Ever...

Angela Benavides

100 Years of Everest, in Images

Crowded or lonely, under blue skies or wrapped in a storm, the highest point on Earth represents an unparalleled stage for glory and t...

Angela Benavides

Lia Ditton’s Pacific Crossing Begins

A few days before one Pacific solo rower, Angela Madsen, perished of as-yet unknown causes, another woman, Lia Ditton, set off on a simila...

Alex Myall

Updated: Pacific Rower Angela Madsen Found Dead

Angela Madsen has died during her attempt to row alone across the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles to Honolulu. Her wife, Debra, confirmed the...

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