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K2 Expedition Hits Winter; Small Teams to Shimshal, Langtang

John Snorri and the Sadparas are already experiencing the hardships of the Karakorum cold season. Although they reached Goro 2 camp today, s...

Angela Benavides

Adventure Photography Gear: What Do the Pros Use?

While some may argue that the best adventure photography gear is whatever is in your pocket or around your neck, you can learn a lot from ex...

Ash Routen

Peter van Geit: 5,000km Through the Indian Himalaya

Peter van Geit spent three months during the initial lockdown creating online trail maps of 2,000 passes, 700 alpine lakes, 50,000km of trai...

Snorri On his Way to K2 BC, More on Manaslu

Expectations are growing about the upcoming winter season in the Himalaya, although those involved are carefully doling out the information ...

Angela Benavides

More Skiers Head Off-Piste to Winter Karakorum

The mini-boom in winter ski mountaineering in the Karakorum continues. Earlier today, Sophie Lenaerts, Stef Maginelle and Jean-Francois Spel...

Angela Benavides

Moro and Txikon to Winter Manaslu

This winter won't be just about K2: Simone Moro and Alex Txikon have just announced that they will join forces on winter Manaslu. Txikon con...

Angela Benavides

The Weird Natural Rock Art of Lake Baikal

Poetically known as Baikal Zen, this rare effect happens when a flat rock that has fallen onto the ice catches the spring sun and melts the ...

Jerry Kobalenko

ExWeb’s Links of The Week

Here at ExWeb, when we’re not outdoors, we get our adventure fix by exploring social media and the wider interweb. Sometimes we’re a little ...

Ash Routen

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