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Ascent of the Amazon: Arrested and Sent Back!

Pete Casey is traveling up the length of the Amazon River using only human power. He started out from the Amazon's runout in the Atlantic Oc...

The Best Quest

Mission Yangtze: Dogs Nearly Maul Dykes

Briton Ash Dykes is walking the entire length of the Yangtze River, the world's third longest river and Asia's longest. Dykes has success...

The Best Quest

Avalanche Kills Nine in Nepal

Four Nepali Sherpas and five Korean climbers have died in an avalanche on Mt. Gurja (7,193m) in western Nepal. A heavy snowstorm preceded th...

Ash Routen

Weekend Warm-Up: Lunag Ri

It's a well-trodden path: The battle-hardened older master takes the young up-and comer under his wing. But in this high-octane climbing fil...

Ash Routen

Erden Eruç: ExWeb’s Newest Ambassador

In July 2007, Erden Eruç set out from California's Bodega Bay to row the Pacific Ocean in a 7.1m plywood rowboat. Five years, 11 days, 12 ho...

Gear Review: Polar Sleeping Bags

In winter camping, and especially in arctic travel, the single most important item of equipment is a sleeping bag that works in the temperat...

Jerry Kobalenko

Denis Urubko: I’m going back to K2

By: Laszlo Pinter There is no doubt that Russian Denis Urubko is one of the best climbers of our day. He has 21 ascents of 8,000m peaks, ...

Poles Abandon Manaslu

Eight Polish climbers have abandoned their climb of a classic route on Manaslu. Led by Rafal Fronia, they were tackling a 1986 line put up b...

Ash Routen

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