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Everest: Two Climbers Die on Descent

Two members of the Seven Summit Treks team died on descent from Everest's summit yesterday and the circumstances, while not completely clear, bring back sad memories from 2019. Weather conditions were great and there was no accident. Both died on descent, reportedly from exhaustion. According to ...

Angela Benavides

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Dhaulagiri Empties; NW Ridge Also Canceled

Two days ago, we reported that Horia Colibasanu, Marius Gane, and Peter Hámor survived an avalanche that buried them while they slept in t...

Angela Benavides

Everest: The Real News

Back in Base Camp, recent Everest climbers are finally posting their summit pictures -- carefully cropping out anyone from other teams, as p...

Angela Benavides

First Ski Descent of the West Face of Mont Pouzenc

French mountain guide Paul Bonhomme has made the first known descent of the West Face of 2,898m Mont Pouzenc in the French Alps. This is num...

Everest Summit Wave: Day 2

Over a hundred climbers are topping-out on Everest today, and around a hundred more summited yesterday, according to Alan Arnette. Yet no on...

Angela Benavides

Video: Andrzej Bargiel’s Ski of Laila Peak

Andrzej Bargiel's team has posted a brief but spectacular video from his and Jędrek Baranowski's ski descent of 6,096m Laila Peak. They also...

Jerry Kobalenko

Everest Summits, Dhaulagiri Evacuations, and More

The first wave of Everest summits occurred today without crowds or reported incidents. And if something did happen, we might not know, thank...

Angela Benavides

Cartographers Hid Whimsical Images in Maps

Cartographers at one of the most reputable mapping organizations in the world played a secret game for decades, hiding images in their work....

Alex Myall

Everest Summits Begin With Guides, Clients, and a Sheikh

The first two groups have already reached the top of Everest. More should succeed today. Early today, between 5:30 and 6:45 am Nepal time...

Angela Benavides

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