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Saddest News from K2: Sergi Mingote Dies in Fall

Sergi Mingote has died from injuries sustained in a long fall somewhere below Camp 1, according to Seven Summit Treks leader Dawa Sherpa. Hi...

Angela Benavides

K2: First Winter Summit!

An all-Nepali team of 10 climbers became the first to reach the summit of K2 in winter this afternoon. Stepping onto the summit together at ...

Angela Benavides

K2 Breaking News: Sergi Mingote Injured – Rescue Ongoing

While all eyes look to the summit of K2, an S.O.S. call has been issued from lower down on the mountain. Sergi Mingote has suffered a fall b...

Angela Benavides

K2: An Anxious Wait for Summit News

It's past 4 pm in Pakistan -- sunset is in just over an hour -- and summit news has not yet arrived. Mingma G and Chhang Dawa Sherpa reporte...

Angela Benavides

K2: Climbers Past the Bottleneck

The "Nepali Force" team are progressing swiftly toward the summit of K2. At around 9:30 am local time, the all-Nepali team checked in from t...

Angela Benavides

K2 Summit Night: They’re Off!

And away we go. The push to the summit of winter K2 begins at 1 am Pakistan time (3 pm Eastern, 8 pm GMT today). At least 10 climbers, all f...

Angela Benavides

K2: Camp 4 Reached…No-O2 Climbers in C3…Summit Push Tomorrow?

Mingma G said that he would climb K2 for himself, his country, and his Sherpa community. So far, he has kept his promise, and his hard work ...

Angela Benavides

The World’s Most Dangerous Places – Part 2: Too Wild

The second in our two-part series, Too Wild looks at a selection of countries and regions where the primary danger is the environment. Wheth...

Martin Walsh

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