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One Helluva Race, or the Race From Hell: 700Km, -40, Nine Days, Little Sleep

The Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra may be a little milder than Siberia's dreaded Oymyakon Marathon -- just -40° instead of -55°C or so -- but th...

Kristine De Abreu

So, What Exactly is “Alpine Style”?

In recent years, Himalayan expeditions have felt compelled to justify their goals, both to the public and to potential sponsors. Typically, ...

Angela Benavides

Sledding Season Begins on Lake Baikal

Just shy of 700km long, Siberia's Lake Baikal has become an increasingly popular destination for cold-weather travellers. Temperatures o...

Ash Routen

Winter 8000’ers: K2 Climbers reach 7,000m, Nanga Parbat Castaways Wait, and Wait

The Russian/Kazakh/Kyrgyz team - aka the Eastern team -- returned to K2 Base Camp today after fixing ropes up to the Black Pyramid, at appro...

Angela Benavides

Kilian Jornet completes Epic “Hamster Wheel” Ski Challenge

Kilian Jornet, ultra runner, mountain runner, extreme skier, ski mountaineer, climber: With wins and records across all these disciplines, y...

Ash Routen

A 53-Year-Old Retiree Begins a 32,000km Walk Around Britain

Karen Penny has always had a passion for walking. In her spare time, she tackled the 285km Offas Dyke Path in Wales and England's 1,000km So...

Kristine De Abreu

Weekend Warm-Up: First Winter Ascent of Gasherbrum II

Normal people, smart people, wouldn't even go outside in weather like this -- Cory Richards Simone Moro gave up on Manaslu last week, and...

Ash Routen

Going Left Where Others Go Right: Interview with Rebel Arctic Traveler Yasu Ogita

Yasu Ogita first felt the call of the Arctic at 22. Now 41, he has been hauling sleds for two decades. He admits that his personality -- rar...

Rowan White

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