Extreme Speed With One-Wheel: Reach 109KPH With Off-Road Electric Unicycle

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What do you think about cruising nearly 110kph down a steep mountainside with only a single wheel wedged between your ankles?

If that sounds even cooler to you than Marty McFly on a hoverboard, you’re probably the target demographic for the Adventure, an all-electric, off-road unicycle from Chinese company InMotion.

Like the slew of electric mountain bikes that have emerged in recent years, the V12 High Torque Adventure unicycle is designed for off-road adventures, the company announced last week. With a top speed of over 109kph, 25cm pneumatic tires, and a battery meant to last for 160km on a single charge, the Adventure seems primed for action.

“InMotion is always looking for creative ways to excite our riders and provide an exhilarating adventure,” company CEO Bob Yan said in a press release.

The Adventure unicycle: features

Not familiar with extreme unicycling? That’s not too surprising, but there’s actually a clear precedent for long-distance cycling with one wheel — even if “normal” bikes tend to grab the headline news.

Yet the Adventure still enters a lonely marketplace for electrified unicycles, making it immediately attractive to anyone in this niche sport. That’s because it offers several rare features, like “powerful hill-climbing capabilities” from a “frighteningly powerful motor” that puts out 2,800 W and 188 Nm of torque.

Even steep inclines aren’t too much for the Adventure unicycle. Photo: InMotion


It carries a 1,750Wh battery, enabling the Adventure to “easily tackle” inclines of up to 45%, the company claimed. It’s also hermetically sealed and waterproof, making it durable even in rain and snow, InMotion said.

A “smart” Battery Management System keeps the electric battery secure, and an app provides owners with extra options for customization. Those options include a Comfort Mode for extended battery life, as well as a high-powered Sport Mode.

As for the top speed, 109kph isn’t even the fastest unicycle available from InMotion. Its Challenger model can supposedly reach speeds up to 140kph. So, if you love unicycles and hate the idea of playing it safe — the Chinese company clearly has you in mind.

Pricing and Availability

Ready to start turning one-wheeled tricks with your own electric unicycle?

According to InMotion, the V12 High Torque version of its Adventure will soon be available on Amazon for $2,500. Details on that availability remain scarce, so check out the company site for more information.

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