ExWeb’s Adventure Links of The Week

Here at ExWeb, when we’re not outdoors, we get our adventure fix by exploring social media and the wider interweb. Sometimes we’re a little too plugged in, and browsing interesting stories turn from minutes into hours. To nourish your own adventure fix, here are some of the best links we’ve discovered this week

The River Keepers: How The North Face co-founder Doug Tompkins worked with Chilean environmentalists to stop a mega-dam project in Patagonia. This piece is excerpted from the new biography of Tompkins, A Wild Idea, by Jonathan Franklin.

The Doctor Is Out: As Medical Director for the U.S. National Park Service, Will Smith is one busy man. He handles anything from treating lightning strike victims to dealing with the aftermath of a moose attack.

The Acoustic Lives of Narwhals: As industrial noise in the arctic regions increases, narwhals, known for their rich array of sounds, appear likely to fall troublingly silent. Assessing the impacts on this cetacean of the High Arctic is important for setting regulations for shipping, mining, and geo-exploration.

From Intensive Care to Bob Graham Round – Saga of An Epic Journey: Preparing for a big mountain running goal is a long hard road for anyone. However, nearly dying doesn’t usually feature in the training schedule. Rob Greenwood reflects on the cavernous lows and surprising highs of a truly life-changing year.

First Descents

Photo: Sebastien de Saint Marie.


Escaping No Man’s Land: A Season of Steep Ski in the Alps: Swiss extreme skier Sebastien de Sainte Marie’s hunt for steep first descents — through avalanches, dehydration, and a lot of cursing in French.

An Encounter With Wolves and Fear: This summer, three hikers were walking in Alaska’s western Brooks Range when they encountered a pack of eight wolves. They were far from any help when the wolves started moving toward them.

Living Free: When Devi Asmadiredja arrived by bus in Georgia’s Pankisi valley, she had never traveled, spoke no Georgian or Chechen, and knew no one. Living among the locals, she soon began walking for weeks alone in the mountains.

The Rio Marañon, a Free-Flowing River in Peril: A veteran river runner turns 70 and heads off into the Peruvian wilderness to raft the headwaters of the Amazon.