ExWeb’s Adventure Links of The Week

When we’re not outdoors, we get our adventure fix by exploring social media and the web. Sometimes we’re a little too plugged in and browsing adventure reads can turn from minutes to hours. To nourish your adventure fix, here are some of the best adventure links we’ve discovered this week.

Australian Runner Erchana Murray-Bartlett Just Ran 100 Marathons in a Row: Erchana Murray-Bartlett is a woman with many goals. Chief among them is taking the world record for the most marathons run consecutively, but she’s not stopping there. She plans to beat the record by 43 marathons.

Call of the wild

God Told Her To Spend 40 Days In The Woods — So She Did: On feeling a spiritual urge so sudden that she left her home, her dogs, and her purse behind, Sarah Rose set out into the wilderness with no food or shelter. After family and rescue crews spent over a month unsuccessfully searching, an enlightened Rose ambled out of the woods and hitchhiked home with a friend.

Mount Kazbeck

Mount Kazbeck, Georgia. Photo: Shutterstock


‘It started with a toilet’: cleaning up Georgia’s Mount Kazbek: While Georgia has a great mountain culture and landscape, it doesn’t have much infrastructure to support the number of humans coming through and leaving waste behind. AltiHut is a hostel that is spearheading the effort to bring sustainable tourism to an area that is a potential hiking mecca.

Wanna Cross the Entire Yukon By Foot and Raft? These Women Said Yes: Leigh Swansborough and Clarissa Black spent 4.5 months paddling and trekking roughly 1,900km along an ancient Indigenous trade route from Skagway to Tuktoyaktuk. Along the way, they endured many hardships but their drive never wavered.

Matthew Henson, Peary’s Aide, Was 100% Polar Explorer Badass: Born just a year after the civil war, Henson spent his childhood dealing with racial persecution before finding a home on a ship and mastering the art of arctic exploration under the mentorship of a ship’s captain. After returning home and meeting Robert E. Peary, he set out to help explore the few unknown places left in an ever-shrinking world.

Climate crisis brings mob hit to light

Lake Mead

Photo: Shutterstock


Man In a Can: What happens in Vegas might not be staying in Vegas for much longer. The receding waters of Lake Mead caused by the climate crisis have begun to reveal evidence of past crimes once hidden deep beneath the surface. This particular barrel of human remains looks to be from a mob hit from the 1970s or ’80s.

Arctic Explorers Trapped in a Frozen Hell: W.M. Akers reviews the chilling story of the Karluk and its crew, as it spent months trapped in the Arctic ice. The blind optimism and naivety of expedition leader Vilhjalmur Stefansson led to a lack of preparation that left the 25-man crew in hellish conditions.

The wildlife poaching problem the world isn’t paying attention to: While there are millions of domestic sheep and goats, their wild counterparts are at risk. A recent study puts poaching as one of the primary causes.

Harley Schafer

Harley Schafer is an affiliate writer at Lola Digital Media. Spending time living in Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Germany ignited a passion for travel and exploration that has led to a converted Ford van and the open road becoming home.