ExWeb’s Adventure Links of The Week

When we’re not outdoors, we get our adventure fix by exploring social media and the web. Sometimes we’re a little too plugged in and browsing adventure reads can turn from minutes to hours. To nourish your adventure fix, here are some of the best adventure links we’ve discovered this week.

A top freediver swims with arctic predators: Champion freediver Arthur Guerin-Boeri swam off the coast of Norway with a pod of orcas. Braving cold waters, he shares space with one of the ocean’s greatest predators.

Nazi soldiers buried a treasure. Nearly 80 years later, the search goes on: A recently declassified map from the Second World War shows the location of ammo boxes filled with gold and jewels. Nazi soldiers buried the boxes as the war was coming to an end. Excited treasure hunters have descended upon the small village to search. So far, nothing has been found.

Skiing down the king of the Rockies

Mount Robson

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The first ski descent of the North Face of Mount Robson: Over the years, many tried to ski the North Face of the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Finally, 28 years ago, after ascending under the light of a full moon, Ptor Spricenieks and Troy Jungen made it happen.

The Queen of Everest trains while working at Whole Foods: Lhakpa Sherpa broke her own record for the most ascents of Mount Everest by a woman when she reached the summit for the tenth time. It is a bit wild to imagine that when she is not climbing in the Himalaya, she spends her time working at Whole Foods. Lhapka’s story is one of overcoming obstacles and crushing glass ceilings as a working mother.

You’re either an explorer, or you’re not. Which one are you?: Everyone’s brain is wired a little differently, and adventure and exploration are also spectrums. This article explores some key traits of the explorer. What makes a person want to risk life and limb just to see or feel something new or even uncomfortable?

Climbing meets jumping in harrowing rescue

Moab Utah

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Climber rescues BASE jumper in Utah: River Barry recounts the story of her trip to Moab that took a heroic turn. Her planned day of mountain biking changed when a BASE jumper crashed into a cliff. He was dangling, stuck, nearly 30 meters from the ground. She knew she had to take action to help the stranded jumper.

Jenny Tough on running six of the world’s mountain ranges alone: Growing up in a family that never stayed put to plant traditional roots, the 33-year-old athlete and explorer has only really felt at home in the mountains. This yearning for summits led her to places like the Tien Shan, the Atlas Mountains, and the Andes, often solo. She has now written a book about her adventures.

Diver details terrifying 30 seconds after shark bites off his fin: Callum Stewart recalls the terror he felt on a recent diving trip to Australia. On a perfect day, with ideal visibility, a curious great white shark came and ripped off Callum’s fin. As he floated face to face with the massive predator, he wondered if it would be the last thing he saw.

Harley Schafer

Harley Schafer is an affiliate writer at Lola Digital Media. Spending time living in Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Germany ignited a passion for travel and exploration that has led to a converted Ford van and the open road becoming home.