ExWeb’s Links of the Week

Here at ExWeb, when we’re not in the outdoors, we get our adventure fix by exploring social media and the wider interweb. Sometimes we’re a little too plugged in, and browsing interesting stories turns from minutes to hours. To help you out with your own adventure fix, here’s some of the best links we’ve discovered this week…

Interview with Erling Kagge: In this wide-ranging Q and A, one of the great polar explorers of recent times discusses everything from modern technology to solo travel.

The dog who climbed a 7,000m peak: Exactly as it says on the tin, a heart-warming story of a stray dog who reached the top of a 7000’er.

Expedition tracker with a difference: Beginning today, polar guide Carl Alvey is off to kite ski the length of Greenland. He’s coded his GPS tracker onto the Windy weather maps. Very cool!

Did the Indian army spot Yeti tracks? An Indian Army expedition claims to have spotted the mysterious Yeti footprints near Makalu Base Camp. Is that you, Reinhold? The responses to this Tweet were predictably acerbic.

A climb for equality: American Caroline Gleich is climbing Everest, guided from the north side, and plans to ski down from 7,800m. In this video, Gleich explains why she is climbing to highlight the inequality of women in mountaineering.

180 days alone on Lake Baikal: A few of us dream of overwintering in the Arctic. This documentary follows a French adventurer as he spends six months alone in a cabin beside Lake Baikal.

Hiking across Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni: A short blog post on walking across the earth’s largest salt flat.