Freeze-up: Alone on Vagabond in Greenland

Endurance 100 years after, sort of
Remembering Endurance 100 years ago, this entry by Eric Brossier was picked up from our dispatch stream:

Tue, 27 Oct 2015, Freeze-up…

“The ice is completely gone Sunday night with 20 knots of wind for several hours. The entire floe started to drift but Vagabond held on and dug through its channel. Nearly 3cm of ice have reformed that night, it’s still possible to go to town by dinghy, thanks to local boat tracks. Vincent, who is looking after Vagabond while we are away, returned to the grocery store in the village with the prospect of reduced mobility in the coming days.”

Preparing Vagabond for the winter after everyone had left, Vince wrote in his log book some weeks back: “Tonight, the boat seems very big and a little too quiet!”

In 2003 Vagabond achieved the first polar circumnavigation. Her journey has since continued and the ship is currently in Greenland.