Gasherbrum I Summits Confirmed

Akhbar Syed has shared details of the recent summit success on Gasherbrum I. The clients with his Lela Peak Expedition outfitters pushed on after Marco Confortola of Italy turned around. In the end, they succeeded in reaching the top of 8,068m Hidden Peak (Gasherbrum I) yesterday.

Summiters were Mario Vielmo from Italy, Flor Cuenca from Peru, Justin Ionescu from Romania, and Ali Musa Sadpara from Pakistan.

Justin Ionescu (right) and climbing partner Laura Mares on the summit of Gasherbrum II some days ago. Photo: Laura Mares


Ionescu had previously summited GII, so his is the first Gasherbrum double-header this season.

Meanwhile, on GII, Jan Cervanka of the Czech Republic and Zakir Sadpara of Pakistan have reached the top, according to Syed.

Summit pictures and further details will come later. Syed himself has done enough by sharing the news with ExplorersWeb from Broad Peak Base Camp in the middle of the night. “It’s 1 am here and I am getting my fingers frozen,” he said. Sorry, Akhbar!

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9 months ago

Well done! Quite the international team.

Gonna miss all the news here as season is over.

Samson Simon Sharaf
9 months ago