Massive Avalanche on Manaslu Threatens Floods

This morning, a huge avalanche on Manaslu reached Lake Birendra, just southeast of the mountain. It caused the lake to overflow, swelling the water of the Budhigandaki River, which runs toward Samagaon village.

No victims have been reported. However, local authorities have issued urgent warnings to populations down the valley because of the risk of flash floods. Trekkers planning to hike to the lake or along the Budhigandaki River (sometimes called Buri Gandaki) must be especially cautious.

Manaslu BC, Bidendra lake and Samagaon village on Google maps

Manaslu Base Camp, Bidendra Lake, and Samagaon village on Google Maps.


“Initial assessments suggest no immediate threat of further damage, despite the increased water levels damaging a wooden bridge spanning the river,” police told The Himalayan Times.

Warning for trekkers

A mountain river down a valley, with the big Manaslu range in the sun in the background.

The Budhigandaki River and the south side of the Manaslu range in the background. Photo:


Details remain sketchy, but the lake’s location suggests that the slide didn’t fall down the mountain’s normal route but down its south or southeast flanks. The only expedition planned on Manaslu this spring, a two-person team, received its climbing permit just two days ago. We have no information on them or their objective, but it’s unlikely they had time to reach the mountain yet.

However, the Manaslu area in the Gorkha region is a popular spot for trekkers. They will need updated information on the water level of the lake and the Budhigandaki River.

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