Harila Hurries Up Kangchenjunga; Dhaulagiri Summit Push

Kristin Harila of Norway cannot afford to take it easy in Nepal while the weather holds. Three days ago, she climbed Makalu, struggling with bitter cold and a urinary tract infection. Early today, Harila showed up on Kangchenjunga and started climbing right away. Her tracker locates her at 6,157m.

Tracker map of Kristin Harila's latest position on Kangchenjunga today.

Kristin Harila’s latest position on Kangchenjunga today. Garmin InReach


Will Carlos Soria finally summit Dhalagiri?

Virtually everyone is on the move up Dhaulagiri after the two Polish climbers broke trail from Camp 3 to the summit on Sunday. The rope fixers also rebuilt the route to Camp 2, set platforms for tents, and continued to Camp 3 (7,200m) today. Some of the team came with them, including Carlos Soria and Sito Carcavilla. Soria will set off toward the summit tonight if conditions are right, his home team reported.

Other climbers in Camp 3 include Shehroze Kashif of Pakistan, who will likewise decide tonight whether to push for the summit.

Panorama of snowy mountains under a dark blue sky.

Views from Camp 3 on Dhaulagiri. Photo: Carlos Soria


Everest & Makalu summits

On Everest, a large number of Chinese clients on Seven Summit Treks/14 Peaks teams summited Everest yesterday. Further lists of summiters are expected over the next few days, while the good weather lasts.

Among the crowds, a second no-O2 climber made the top: Mateo Isaza of Colombia. According to his home team, he also went without personal Sherpa support.

Mateo gives a thubs-up from somewhere in the route.

Mateo Isaza of Colombia is the second climber to summit Everest without oxygen this year. Photo: Sawa Travel Colombia


Grace Tseng — remember her? — is also on her way up Everest. Her tracker places her in Camp 2. On Makalu, smaller teams enjoyed good conditions on their way to the summit yesterday and today.

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