Poles Summit Dhaulagiri Without Oxygen, Ziemski Skis Down

Bartek Ziemski and Oswald Rodrigo Pereira summited Dhaulagiri today at 7:40 am, without supplementary oxygen or Sherpa support. Then Ziemski skied down to Base Camp, while Pereira descended on foot and reached Base Camp at 6:30 pm.

The two climbers had started their summit push from Camp 3 at precisely 0:05 am today.

Bartek stands on a mountain top, skis on his back and the sun behind him.

Bartek Ziemski on the summit of Annapurna, April 17. The Polish climber has summited and skied down two 8,000’ers without oxygen this season. Photo: Oswald R. Pereira


Dhaulagiri is the second 8,000m peak that Ziemski and Pereira have summited this season. They topped out on Annapurna on April 17, also with no support and at a remarkably fast pace. On both peaks, Ziemski skied all the way down.

Oswald showing a tired face in sunset light on a summit, forst on his down jacket's hood.

File image of Oswald Pereira atop Annapurna, April 17. Photo: Oswald Pereira


No more summits reported

As far as we know, the Polish climbers are the only ones who’ve summited Dhaulagiri this season, among the 36 permits granted. Uta Ibrahini reached Camp 2 last Thursday as the weather window opened. However, she retreated back to Base Camp because there were no ropes fixed beyond C2 at the time.

Sherpas posted yesterday that they had reached Camp 3 at 7,400m. The Poles, who started their summit climb from there last night, likely proceeded without ropes. We will have more details after the two climbers rest. Oswald Pereira kindly shared their summit news with ExplorersWeb by satellite phone.

Carlos Soria and Sito Carcavilla acclimatized in Camp 1 but the mountain was “too loaded with snow to venture up much further,” Soria wrote on social media yesterday. He also explained his point of view in a video (only in Spanish).

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