Record Holder Bags Another Two Munro Rounds in One Day

No woman has completed more Munro rounds than Hazel Strachan. The Bathgate, Scotland native has forged a lifestyle by climbing Scotland’s 282 peaks that are 3,000 feet (914m) and higher.

On one day in mid-October, she put her commanding record even further out of reach.

Strachan summited Glas Maol (1,068m) and Creag Leacach (987m) on October 16 to finish her 11th and 12th Munro rounds. She did the feat on what appears to have been a raw Scottish winter day.

The Scottish Mountaineering Club curates the list of Munro peaks. Summit height is the only defining criterion; peak prominence is not a factor. According to Fastest Known Time, completing a round means covering 126,000m of vertical gain.

Hamish Brown reported the first known successful Munro round in 1974. Donnie Campbell ran and walked the circuit continuously in 2020, and covered an estimated 1,422km to do it. The record for the most ever completed Munro rounds belongs to Steve Fallon, with 16.

Strachan holds the women’s record, but it doesn’t seem like that’s what’s important to her about the Munros. In a tweet, she points out that in her last two Munro rounds — almost 600 hikes — she’s only had a partner on 8. It seems she prioritizes a self-reliant approach and the solitude of her home country’s striking natural beauty.

Strachan typically prefers to take her time, bagging Munros one at a time by herself. Of the 564 total Munro summits she needed for her 11th and 12th rounds, she only hiked with a partner on eight of them.

Strachan goes the long way

Each round took Strachan over three years of work. Along the way, she got some traveling in, visiting the United States’ Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Arches National Park.

The detours may have hampered her record-setting pace in the Munros. But she drew intrinsic value from them nonetheless, indulging her curiosity for terrain and geology.

Highlights of Strachan’s last few years in the Munros include packrafting through rivers and lochs during some legs of the trip.

Will Strachan continue to rack up more Munro circuits? All signs point to yes. But now, other peak-bagging objectives now beckon. The Corbett Round consists of 219 Scottish peaks between 762-914m.

A week after her double Munro, Strachan had already gotten started.

Get ready for ongoing updates to the Scottish Mountaineering Club record books.

Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson spent his 20s as an adventure rock climber, scampering throughout the western U.S., Mexico, and Thailand to scope out prime stone and great stories. Life on the road gradually transformed into a seat behind the keyboard, where he acted as a founding writer of the AllGear Digital Newsroom and earned 1,500+ bylines in four years on topics from pro rock climbing to slingshots and scientific breakthroughs.