iPhone user: Emotional, elitist girl playing foul. Android user: Honest male with no money.

Uh-oh, brace yourselves

(Medicalnewstoday) “The study asked 500 participants to answer a set of questions about themselves and their attitude toward their smartphone.

The comparison showed that iPhone users are more than twice as likely to be female.

Additionally, iPhone users are more concerned about viewing their iPhone as a status object than their Android counterparts, and increasingly so. However, they are less concerned with owning devices that are preferred by most people.

The study noted key differences in personality, with iPhone users showing lower levels of honesty and humility, and higher levels of emotionality.

iPhone users were also more extroverted than Android users.

In contrast, Android users were more likely to be male, older, and less interested in wealth and social status. Among key personality differences to iPhone users, those with Android devices displayed more honesty and agreeability.

They were also less likely to break rules for personal gain.”

Study report