Jannu Climbers Rousseau and Marvell Recovering In Hospital

The climbing community has reacted enthusiastically to news of success on Jannu’s north face. An American team apparently completed one of the most formidable north faces in the Himalaya in alpine style, marking the first time anyone has completed the route in this fashion.

We don’t know much about the climb yet, but it has left some scars on the climbers. “Alan Rousseau and Jackson Marvell have been admitted to CIWEC hospital, Matt Cornell is with them,” outfitter Grand Himalaya Treks & Expedition told ExplorersWeb.

Yesterday, Grand Himalaya’s post announcing the summit news inadvertently switched the names of American climbers in two teams sharing the climbing permit for Jannu, creating some confusion. Sources in the U.S. later confirmed that the summit team comprised Rousseau, Cornell, and Marvell (as originally planned). Meanwhile, Sam Hennessey and Michael Gardner formed a second team with a different route in mind.

“Sam [Hennessey] and Michael [Gardner] are at Ghunsa today and they will be back in Kathmandu in a few days,” the outfitter added about the second American team.

Angela Benavides

Angela Benavides graduated university in journalism and specializes in high-altitude mountaineering and expedition news. She has been writing about climbing and mountaineering, adventure and outdoor sports for 20+ years.

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