Jelle Veyt: 7 Summits Mega-Journey Continues

Jelle Veyt has started a new leg of his project to climb the Seven Summits while reaching them only under human power. So far, he has cycled a staggering 30,000km, rowed 4,000km and climbed the highest peaks of Europe, Asia and Oceania. Earlier this week, he left Belgium for Mount Kilimanjaro.

This leg involves 17,000km of mainly cycling, with some rowing and trekking. He is currently cycling 3,000km from Belgium to Gibraltar and expects to arrive around the end of September.

Veyt’s route through Africa. Photo: Jelle Veyt


He next rows across the busy Strait of Gibraltar into Morocco and continues south toward Tanzania. Here, the instability of West and Central Africa will force a 3,000km detour to avoid conflict zones. So rather than cycle through Mali, Nigeria, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo, he will proceed via the west coast, crossing the Western Sahara and walking along jungle roads beside the Congo River. He then turns eastward through Angola, Zambia and finally enters Tanzania, where Mount Kilimanjaro awaits.

He expects to complete this leg of the journey by July 2020.

Photo: Jelle Veyt