Jelle Veyt: Belgium to Denali

Jelle Veyt will shortly continue his mega-project to climb the Seven Summits by cycling, hiking and rowing to all of them from his home in Belgium. After quarantining earlier this year, Veyt and two friends, Koen De Gezelle and Gijs Vanden Bogaerde, constructed a nine-metre carbon boat, which they will row 7,200km across the Atlantic from Portimao, Portugal to Miami. 

In April, COVID-19 forced him to abort his plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. He was already in the Congo and had covered 13,600km on this leg, but had to postpone those hopes and return to Belgium. Here, he began building one of the world’s lightest boats. 

Veyt at Puncak Jaya. Photo by Jelle Veyt/Facebook


The project took six months. The boat is self-righting and contains two cabins for equipment and food to last three months.

He will start off by cycling from Belgium to Portugal, where he will meet his friends and row to Miami. From Miami, he will cycle 16,000km to Alaska and climb Denali, North America ‘s highest peak.

Veyt will leave Belgium on January 4, and the three friends will begin their row at the end of January. So far, Veyt has climbed Mount Elbrus, Mount Everest and Carstensz Pyramid. 

Kristine De Abreu is a writer (and occasional photographer) based in sunny Trinidad and Tobago. Since graduating from the University of Leicester with a BA in English and History, she has pursued a full-time writing career, exploring multiple niches before settling on travel and exploration. While studying for an additional diploma in travel journalism with the British College of Journalism, she began writing for ExWeb. Currently, she works at a travel magazine in Trinidad as an editorial assistant and is also ExWeb's Weird Wonder Woman, reporting on the world's natural oddities as well as general stories from the world of exploration. Although she isn't a climber (yet!), she hikes in the bush, has been known to make friends with iguanas and quote the Lord of the Rings trilogy from start to finish.

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1 year ago

Hi Miami to Denali is less than 8000km
I am reqlly disappointed to see again wrong information iarticles.
There is a real lack of proofreading i my opinion

Jerry Kobalenko
1 year ago
Reply to  User1

That figure is correct.

Steve Jones
1 year ago

According to Google Maps it is 5,153 miles / 8,293 km from Miami to Talkeetna, Alaska for a cyclist.