Jorge Diaz-Rullo Sends ‘Bibliographie’ in France

Jorge Diaz-Rullo of Spain has completed Bibliographie (9b+) on the famous Ceuse mountain in France.

Since its first ascent in 2020 by Alex Megos, only Stefano Ghisolfi, Sean Bailey, and Sebastien Bouin have re-done the challenging climb. Bouin did it this summer.

After his first ascent, Megos proposed a grade of 9c for the line. Later, however, almost all the other climbers ranked it as 9b+, and Megos ultimately agreed. After his success, Diaz-Rullo also set it as 9b+.

Jorge Diaz-Rullo sending 'Bibliographie'.

Jorge Diaz-Rullo on ‘Bibliographie’. Photo: Frame of the video by Marco Zanone


Diaz-Rullo has been working hard on Bibliographie for the last two years. The 24-year-old says that he is still trying to digest the emotions that came with his success. He admitted he has mixed feelings, including a little sadness for having closed this chapter of his life.

“It won’t be the same to wake up and not have to think about ‘Bibliographie’,” he wrote on social media.

Kris Annapurna

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