Jost Kobusch Begins Winter Denali

After a brief weather delay, Jost Kobusch flew to the Denali area yesterday and started skiing right away toward the mountain’s base. He plans to solo North America’s highest peak in winter.

The plane soon before Kobusch’s flight to the Kahiltna Glacier yesterday. Photo: Jost Kobusch/Instagram


Kobusch reported yesterday that the flying weather was good but shared no other details. His InReach device started transmitting at noon Alaska time on Sunday. He moved steadily throughout the day.

Kobusch’s progress yesterday from the SE Fork Base Camp.


The plane dropped Kobusch at Base Camp at the SE Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier, the typical launching point for Denali expeditions to the south and west, including the peak’s classical West Buttress route. It also services Mt. Hunter.

map of Denali area

Denali landmarks, as registered on Denali National Park’s information for pilots.


Kobusch has a long way to go northeast along the Kahiltna glacier before he reaches the foot of the mountain and begins the West Buttress route.

Angela Benavides

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