K2: Heavy Snow Delays Rope Fixers, Harila in Camp 2

The rope-fixing team on K2 has spent all day slowly advancing toward C4. They might try to reach the summit tomorrow. But that’s two days behind schedule, and the weather is not improving.

“It is being a very hard task this year due to heavy snow and unpredictable weather,” Lakpa Sherpa of 8K Expeditions told Explorersweb.

They have the biggest team on K2 and lead the rope fixing. Sakhawat Hussain of Summit Karakoram, 8K’s Pakistan partners, say that it has been raining in Base Camp and snowing in higher camps.

K2 with clouds sticking to its flanks, and the tents of Base Camp at its base.

K2 yesterday. Photo: Sakhawat Hussain/Summit Karakoram


Many climbers in Camps 2 and 3

harila's tracker on a map showing altitude and position data.

Kristin Harila’s tracker this evening Pakistan time locates her at a lower Camp 2.


Meanwhile, climbers crowd the mountain’s lower camps. 8K climbers have moved to Camp 3, hoping to head up as soon as the ropes are ready. Pioneer Adventure’s leader, Mingma Dorchi, is on his way to Camp 3.

Kristin Harila and her sherpa guides are in a lower Camp 2. Tomorrow is the last day of her self-imposed deadline to summit every 8,000m peak within three months. K2 is her last.

Summit pushes on other peaks

On Gasherbrum I, Andrzej Bargiel is in Camp 2 and will leave for the summit tonight, in order to ski down. Other climbers are also moving up the mountain, including Hugo Ayaviri of Bolivia and the Alpenglow team led by Topo Mena.

The last remaining climbers on Broad Peak are also heading for the summit, including Lucas Woerle of Austria. He is climbing without porters or oxygen and plans to paraglide from the summit. In a previous attempt two weeks ago, Woerle sacrificed his summit bid to help a sick porter from another team.

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