Updated: Is John Snorri Descending?

Winter K2 may have thwarted another summit attempt, this time by the three most advanced climbers on the mountain — John Snorri and Ali and Sajid Sadpara. However, the trackers’ information is often contradictory, showing spurts up, down, and sideways.


John Snorri’s device indicated that he reached a high of 8,073m at 4:44 pm local time.

Ten minutes later, he had descended to 7,849m and 40 minutes later, he was down to 7,739m. However, about two hours later, he is up to 7,823m again, so his progress, up or down, remains in question.


Pasang Norbu Sherpa, who is trying for a speed record up K2 from Base Camp to summit within a day, has plateaued around 7,300m for some time.

Will anyone summit K2 this time?