K2: Rescue Operation Ongoing

Two helicopters have departed for K2. Meanwhile, Sajid Sadpara has started descending from Camp 3 and sources in Pakistan say that two Sherpas from Seven Summit Treks will head up to meet him.

Ali Saltoro of Alpine Adventures reports that Imitaz and Akbar, two skilled HAP from Sadpara village, are onboard one of the helicopters. They took part in the Daniele Nardi and Tom Ballard rescue attempt on Nanga Parbat two years ago. They will climb as high as possible, although they are not acclimatized.

Winds are increasing. The rescuers are up against the clock and every minute counts. The helicopters were originally meant to search the mountain for signs of missing climbers John Snorri, Ali Sadpara, and JP Mohr, but they may not be able to fly above Base Camp.

Helicopters are also said to be evacuating frostbitten climbers from Base Camp, but we are waiting for further details.

It has been a sleepless night in several parts of the world. Many have spent the night waiting for news. Some have been struggling to help in any way they can. Ali Sadpara’s spokesperson, John Snorri’s wife, and Alex Gavan, who just returned to Bucharest after aborting his own attempt on winter K2, have been hard at work to get this rescue operation moving. They are in contact with the team at Base Camp. Their effort has paid off and now help is on the way.